Central Fruit of Extremadura

Nogalfruits Extremadura was created in 2004. It was founded by two visionaries, Mr. Rufino Redondo Díaz and Mrs. Luisa López Parras, whom with hope and work, managed to create what at first was just an idea and transformed it into reality.

How was the idea of creating the center born?

It was born because they wished to sell their own products, not only around Extremadura, but all over the world. This idea was at first adventurous and full of risk, but they could count on factors which were important to make them different from their competitors, such as their 36 years experience in the fruit sector and their knowledge of the trends in market. Therefore they only cultivated the ones which the final customer would demand.

Approximately in the year 2000 they started cultivating their own crops wherewith they dedicated themselves to buying “fincas” (country estates which are typical in Spain) and working on them. Nowadays “Nogalfruits Extremadura S.L.” is constituted by 3 owned fincas which are “Los Palacios I”, “Los Palacios II” and “La China”. Due to the volume of increase in production they wished to develop their own products and that led them to create their own center to elaborate them themselves.


Our facilities are situated at the heart of Extremadura, to be more exact in the Vegas Altas del Guadiana, in the municipal area of Don Benito. This region enjoys a worldwide reputation due to the richness of its land resulting in a great variety and quality of its products.

AAt the present time our installations feature 2400 m² (25833ft²) of industrial premises and 35000 m² (3.7674e+5ft²)of parking space. In the interior there are six cold stores belonging to the latest generation for the conservation of fruit. Each of them has a capacity of 200000 kg (440924 lb). The entire center is refrigerated so that the product does not break the cold chain thus bringing an enhanced durability thereof.


Fruits are one of the most important products in the food chain and we provide vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.
As a result we intend to repay the trust that our customers place in us every time they decide to make their orders with us.
Fruits and prevent us from common diseases today such as obesity and constipation, heart disease and hypertension.
Technology in tailoring and adaptation to customer requirements.
One of the main concerns of our company is that our workers can be formed and specialized as much as possible to make their work more productive and efficient.

Central Fruit of Extremadura

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