Fruits and prevent us from common diseases today such as obesity and constipation, heart disease and hypertension.
Fruits with vegetables, are the most important sources of vitamins and other bioactive compounds of a healthy balanced diet.
Therefore, specialized doctors and nutritionists recommend to enjoy a healthy lifestyle intake of at least five pieces of fruit a day spread over different meals.
For many it seems to be too much or almost impossible, but if we take stock of its many benefits and the various ways we have to eat these foods (such as fruit juices, fruit salads or raw when they reach maturity), worth a try and force us to introduce this healthy habit in our diet to achieve an adequate quality of life.


– Peach brings fiber to the diet so it prevents and improves constipation helping to reduce blood cholesterol.


– Plums contain a high fiber content in very good for constipation and protects against a number of gastrointestinal tract disorders, including bowel cancer.


– The Nectarine helps the kidneys to filter and remove fluid, strengthens the immune system and stimulate the appetite.


– The ripe fresh apricots are rich in tannins, substances with astringent, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is a recommended fruit consumption to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and degenerative diseases.
Likewise, apricot various substances besides the beta-carotene, are used to treat skin conditions.
– Pears are great for digestive problems, including those affecting the liver. Its high fiber and low sodium diuretic gives great power.
In addition, this fruit is rich in vitamin B and easily digestible sugars that help the liver. Eat at least one pear a day and make sweet or preserved for your family.
-The Quince: In terms of their properties, acts as intestinal inflammatory and anti-diarrheal thanks as tannins and helps reduce cholesterol levels due to its pectin content.
Blow dry seeds calms the cough, but avoid chewing because they are very bitter.